“Irv is consistent and most importantly we trust him. He will advise us whether or not our shears need to be serviced and does not take advantage of our inexperience. He is kind and works with us and our budgets. We totally trust him.”
“Irv has rescued our shears from the clutches of some sharpeners who left us in the lurch. A high fashion /main line salon like ours cannot afford second best.
We’ve been relying on Irv’s skills for many years now and love his selection of shears as well. Irv Rocks”.
Irv (scissordude) has been a loyal and expert source for products and sharpening services– his skilled work is unsurpassed. His knowledge has assisted us in our business for more than 10 years”.
“Irv rocks as a sharpener and a reliable source of fine quality shears. I’ve been using his services for years.”
“We’ve been using Irv’s sharpening service for about 15 years. He keeps getting better at it and stands behind his work” His service is great, he’s reliable and we totally trust him. He also really knows his shears and offers us the best values he can find.”
Salon Owner
“Irv is the man. He takes great care of our shears and seems to get better every time”